Born and raised in London to French & American parents, Caroline crossed the world in 2009 to pursue a Bachelor's of Architecture at the University of Southern California. She successfully obtained her degree in 2014 and, finding it tough to leave the fabulous weather of Los Angeles, worked at Clive Wilkinson Architects for two years on projects ranging from corporate interiors to large scale urban design. She currently works at Gensler in San Francisco working on a variety of workplace interior projects. 

Her approach to design throughout her education is ever concious of one's place and ritualistic relationship with the urban environment. Caroline strives to prioritize the experience of the user in her projects in order to subtly, but significantly, improve their daily lives. She believes the future of architecture and design lies in pushing the boundaries of craft and material intelligence for a smarter and more efficient cities. 





T: 213-400-2575

E: caroduncan4@gmail.com